Troop 918 is sponsored by Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Our goal is to develop Godly young men of great character with a heart of service for others and knowledge and respect for the outdoors.

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for its youth members. To maintain such an environment, the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies, and provides parents and leaders the following online and print resources for all scouting progams.  For more information please visit: www.ocbsa.org/youth-protection/

Mud Caves Camp

Posted on Feb 5 2016 - 9:58am

Do you like to explore?   Are you ready for some caving?

     Camp and explore the mud caves in the Anza Borrego desert.

This will be a fun and new adventure!

Leave:  Fri, Feb 19th.  Meet at church at 6pm having already had dinner.  
Return:  Sun, Feb 21st mid afternoon.  Bring cash for lunch on the ride home.
Cost:  $30/Scouts   $15/Adults
Corrected dates due to Superbowl and Valentines Day


***  If it rains, we don't actually want to be in the desert in mud *** 
We'll have a plan B to communicate if that occurs.

Click here to RSVP NOW!!!  
Registration is due Monday, 2/8/16, however there is no Troop meeting that night, again Register Now :-)

Scouts will likely do patrol food planning at the 2/15/2016 Troop meeting.

We're camping in the desert so plan for it to be cold at night.

  Special Gear for use in caves

   Bring a helmet for safety in the caves.
   Gloves would be recommended
   Flashlight and/or headlamp...  I'd recommend both!
   Long pants - you may be crawling at some points.  Jeans would likely be ideal.
                  A day pack may be a good idea too for carrying water, etc.


Summer Camp 2016

Posted on Jan 30 2016 - 11:32pm



“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”
          – Baden Powell, Founder of the Scouting Movement


There is much learning, growing, and gaining of responsibility happening in what looks to like scouting chaos. This is most definitely true at a long term camp experience. The adult leaders of our Troop can attest to this, and agree with the quote above from Scouting’s founder, Baden Powell.

This year, the youth leaders of Troop 918 have selected Camp Kern located in central California on Huntington Lake for as their Summer Camp destination. Due to the distance to camp, we will charter a bus to get the Troop to and from camp. 

There will be plenty of growth and adventure for all Scouts, as well as an excellent advancement program for younger Scouts. The camp offers a wide range of outdoor activities including, but not limited to, archery, rifle shooting, rowing, canoeing, climbing, rappelling, nature studies, horseback riding and camp craft. Since Camp Kern is on a lake, they offer adventures and Merit Badges not always available at other camps.

It’s an amazing experience for Scouts to spend a week living together, working together, managing their own time, choosing their own activities, and being responsible for themselves in a way that many have never experienced and many youth outside of scouting ever will.

Summer camp is from Saturday, July 9th - Saturday July 16th, 2016.


Zombie Apocalypse Camp

Posted on Jan 30 2016 - 11:27pm

Are you prepared . . . 
        For Zombie Apocalypse Camp? 

Learn the essential skills for surviving an undead apocalypse, from shooting to tomahawk throwing to wilderness survival at Lost Valley's Zombie Survival Training weekend.

Scouts will learn a variety of Scouting-based zombie survival skills, such as... Aarchery, Rifle, Shotgun, Tomahawk Throwing, Rock Climbing shelter building and outdoor cooking. The undead won't stand a chance!

$75 Costs cover: All Program, Ammo, Food, Camp Fees, T-Shirt and Patch.

When:  March 18-20 2016
Where: Orange County BSA's own Lost Valley Scout Reservation

REGISTER NOW AT http://troop918.com/node/2568

Congratulations Michael Traynham

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 10:39pm

Congratulations Michael Traynham and his team on the completion of Michael's Eagle project!

If you had planned to donate and still wanted to support his project you can do so via a PayPal donation by clicking on the link below.


Easy Fund Raising with Ralph’s Grocery Stores

Posted on Oct 10 2015 - 6:29pm
The new Ralph's Fundraisin Year starts TODAY!!!

Register your card on-line or in-store to support our Troop simply by purchasing food!

Do you have family that lives elsewhere in the country? The can register to support us with their Community Contributions card from Kroger, FredMeyer, Dillons and other stores owned by The Kroger Co.


RALPH'S REQUIRES ANNUAL RESUBMITION - Even if you've signed up before, each September Ralph’s requires customers to re-register their card to their chosen charity to receive the donations.  Please either register or re-register your Ralph’s Club Card to Troop 918 now!

There are three ways to register:

  1. You can print this letter and have the cashier scan it when you checkout.  That's it, super simple!  This will attach your Club Card to our Troop.  If you register with this method, the name “Troop 918” will NOT appear on the bottom of your grocery receipt.
  2. Ask the cashier to scan this barcode. Some phone screens will scan and some will not... hey if you're already at the store, it's worth a try, right.  If you register with this method, the name “Troop 918” will NOT appear on the bottom of your grocery receipt.

  3. If you have your Club Card barcode number, you can register on Ralph’s web site:
It’s Extraordinary fundraising from ordinary purchases, just scan your Ralph’s Club Card!

Be in the KNOW - Receive Troop Text Messages

Posted on Oct 10 2015 - 6:29pm

Weekly emails...  Special announcements...  Detail updates...  Last-minute changes... Arrival back at church after a great event

This all works best when BOTH parents and their Scout are receiving all the communications!

Sign up for our text service!

Please sign up for our new, more secure, texting service using one of the links below.

By federal law, you will receive a text asking you to confirm your subscription.  Just respond to that text and you're set.

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