Troop 918 is sponsored by Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Our goal is to develop Godly young men of great character with a heart of service for others and knowledge and respect for the outdoors.

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for its youth members. To maintain such an environment, the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies, and provides parents and leaders the following online and print resources for all scouting progams.  For more information please visit: www.ocbsa.org/youth-protection/

Beach Camp at Fiesta Island

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 9:23pm

Beach Camp has a new date...

Beach camp was moved by one week to Sept 16-18.  Please update your calendar.

There will be an email this week with pricing and activity information.

Justin Harrison's Eagle Board this Thursday

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 9:19pm

Justin Harrison's Eagle Scout Board of Review is this Thursday, 9/1/2016 at 8:30 pm.

We need to support the Eagle Board process by sending at least two adults to sit on the 8:30 board for the other Scout having a board at the same time as Justin. We try not to put board members with the scout from their Troop.  If you can help please sign up at

Any adult over the age of 21 can do this, even our newest parents.  No training is needed and there will be a list of sample questions that you can use if needed.

If you're servicing on a board or just want to celebrate with Justin, the boards will be held at 

23382 Mill Creek Dr. #125, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Google map:  https://goo.gl/maps/yaB98HDEbyS2

Court of Honor

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 9:19pm
Scouts and Parents:
Our next Court of Honor is just around the corner and we have a lot to celebrate.  You have all been working hard earning merit badges and moving up in rank.  On Monday, 9/19/2016, at 7:00 p.m. we will recognize your achievements at the Court of Honor.
You have around 6 weeks left to turn in blue cards and request Board of Reviews (BOR).  You are not allowed to have your Scoutmaster Conference and BOR on the same night; so you will want to plan ahead.  Also, keep in mind that I need to coordinate with several people in order to make the BOR happen; therefore I ask that you email me early in the week to provide me time to schedule your BOR.
Please see the BOR process below:
1. Scoutmaster Conference
2. Scoutmaster Emails Advancement Chair notifying completion of Scoutmaster Conference and Scout is ready for BOR
3. Scout Requests BOR from Advancement Chair via Email (phscouts@cox.net)
4. Scout has BOR 
I look forward to receiving additional merit badges and hearing from those of you who are ready to advance.  Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.
Thank you,
Mrs. LeBeau

Navy Day At Sea

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 9:18pm

Travel Plans and Times

The battle group is requiring us to arrive in a group traveling by Navy bus from the Port of Los Angeles.  The ship is planning a sunrise departure so it’s an early day.

Easy Fund Raising with Ralph’s Grocery Stores

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 9:13pm
The new Ralph's Fundraising year starts this THURSDAY, Sept 1st!!!

Ralph's requires all Rewards members to annually re-register the organization that benefits from your shopping.
WAIT TILL THURSDAY... but then please register or re-register your Ralph's Rewards account to donate to Troop 918!!!
Register your card on-line or in-store to support our Troop simply by purchasing food!

Do you have family that lives elsewhere in the country? The can register to support us with their Community Contributions card from Kroger, FredMeyer, Dillons and other stores owned by The Kroger Co.


RALPH'S REQUIRES ANNUAL RESUBMITION - Even if you've signed up before, each September Ralph’s requires customers to re-register their card to their chosen charity to receive the donations.  Please either register or re-register your Ralph’s Club Card to Troop 918 now!

There are three ways to register:

  1. You can print this letter and have the cashier scan it when you checkout.  That's it, super simple!  This will attach your Club Card to our Troop.  If you register with this method, the name “Troop 918” will NOT appear on the bottom of your grocery receipt.
  2. Ask the cashier to scan this barcode. Some phone screens will scan and some will not... hey if you're already at the store, it's worth a try, right.  If you register with this method, the name “Troop 918” will NOT appear on the bottom of your grocery receipt.

  3. If you have your Club Card barcode number, you can register on Ralph’s web site:
It’s Extraordinary fundraising from ordinary purchases, just scan your Ralph’s Club Card!

Be in the KNOW - Receive Troop Text Messages

Posted on Jul 2 2016 - 9:42pm

Weekly emails...  Special announcements...  Detail updates...  Last-minute changes... Arrival back at church after a great event

This all works best when BOTH parents and their Scout are receiving all the communications!

Sign up for our text service!

Please sign up for our new, more secure, texting service using one of the links below.

By federal law, you will receive a text asking you to confirm your subscription.  Just respond to that text and you're set.

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