Troop 918 is sponsored by Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Our goal is to develop Godly young men of great character with a heart of service for others and knowledge and respect for the outdoors.

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for its youth members. To maintain such an environment, the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies, and provides parents and leaders the following online and print resources for all scouting progams.  For more information please visit: www.ocbsa.org/youth-protection/

What is the best method of contact for you?

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 9:52pm

Have you been recieving Troop 918's emails?  Have you signed up for our texting service? In order to better communicate to each Scout and family member, we have created this form to help us in better serving you.  We ask each Scout and/or adult from each family to fill out this form.  This is simply as a simple way for the Webmasters, PLC, ASM's, Committee and Mr. Karn to find out how we can best contact you during an event.

Upcoming Events - March 2015

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 12:23pm

 Top o' the mornin' to ya'!  It's March, which means that the temperatures are going to rise and the Scout troops across O.C. will begin to enjoy more warmer weather activities.  What does Troop 918 have planned?

 - March 9: All Scouts who wish to run for Senior Patrol Leader MUST have nominations in at this meeting (if you wish to run, you must attend). Mandatory Gun Safety briefing for all Scouts going to Shooting Camp is tonight as well.

- March 16: Troop Leadership Elections.  Please plan on attending this meeting as we need a minimum of 50% attendance for the SPL Elections.  Patrol leaders will also be elected and patrol modifications will be made, as necessary.  Last day to turn in all Blue Cards/BOR's for Court of Honor.

- March 23: Red Neckerchief Night.  Al FCE Scouts should attend to plan on advancing in rank.  Bring your handbooks.  Older Scouts, please attend to help with sign offs.

- March 30: Court of Honor


- March 13-15: Shooting Camp...MANDATORY Safety Briefing at March 9th's meeting

- March 27-29: Leadership Training Camp...Invite only


- Scout-O-Rama Card Sales begin in mid-March

March 12th - Scouts needing service hours, please email Mr. Karn about helping at Roundtable.

Have a great month Troop!

Shooting Camp - Mar 13-15

Posted on Feb 28 2015 - 10:44pm

Are you the Troop 918 Top Shot?

  Calling all Sharp Shooters...  
  Come join us for our fun shooting event and see who the Troop 918 Top Shot!

  - MANDATORY safety andn training to take place on 3/9 at the Troop meeting.
  - Registration due by 3/9
  - MANDATORY Firearms release documents available for print on the event registration page. Click here for docs and to register 

This year we will be using all kinds of targets and distance shooting to see who the Troop 918 Top Shot while you hone in and show of your shooting skills or just plan have some fun putting holes in targets!

Friday, March 13th... Meet in the MO-2 parking lot at church 6:30 pm having already eaten dinner
Sunday, March 15th... We'll return to church early/mid afternoon. Keep an eye out for a text from the road with more info.

There is mandatory safety training and release forms. Click to REGISTER NOW or for more information.


Posted on Feb 28 2015 - 10:38pm

Elections for Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders will be next Troop meeting on March 9th. Candidates need to talk to Mr. Karn. All Scouts should read over the new SPL candidate requirements and election procedures discussed at last weeks Troop meeting. That can be read by clicking here.  We need a majority of the Troop to attend for valid elections.

Merit Badge Counselors

Posted on Feb 28 2015 - 10:37pm



The Orange County Council is requiring all counselors to take a 73 minute counselor training course in order to become or remain an merit badge counselor. While we are told that there will be more classes scheduled, currently there is only one date on the calendar... March 14th from 10:20am and end at 11:33am – yes, it’s a 73 minute session!!!! The  venue is our home turf of SadddleBack Church, Tent 3.

Please register online for this class at http://www.meritbadgeevent.com. This website was developed specifically for MB Counselors. It offers a wealth of information, resources and with links to PDF fillable versions of national forms.

Scouters, just like Scouts participating in group MB sessions, you too must complete some pre-requisites before the class. Here’s the list!

      • YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE CLASS.  Registration is online -http://www.meritbadgeevent.com
      • BE ON TIME!  Arrive before 10am!  Why so early?  Because the earlier we start the earlier you finish!  We will start with a flag ceremony.
      • If you are a uniformed Scouter, please make best effort to be dressed in uniform.
      • Bring a Blue Card signed by your unit leader. (Just like a Scout would need. You can get these from Mr. Karn, Mr. Klein or Mr. Traynham at a Troop meeting.)
      • Bring pen/pencil, paper, iPad, laptop or anything you need to take notes!
      • Bring a copy of your CURRENT YPT certificate. See our Troop 918 Training page for information on taking YPT or to log in and print a copy of your certificate
      • Bring one small item that relates to your favorite fun activity.
      • Bring a friend (Scouter or other) who may have considered serving as a Merit Badge Counselor, but has never been asked (must be over the age of 18).
      • Last but not least, bring your SCOUT SPIRIT!

Summer Camp 2015

Posted on Feb 14 2015 - 10:31am

RSVP has passed, but we still have a few of our reserved spots available.
If you are interested but have some questions or concerns or need to discuss
finances, please hesitate to contact Mr. Klein 949-463-3253 or kleinds@gmail.com


Back by popular demand for 2015…   Summer Camp at Emerald Bay on Catalina Island!!!!!

         Mark your calendars for July 5th to the 11th.

 “A week at camp is work 6 months in the meeting room”  - Baden Powell

Unique Catalina Opportunities…
Kayaking, Marine Science, Oceanography, Energy, SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling

Archery,  Art,  Astronomy,  Basketry,  BSA Aquarist,   BSA Lifeguard,   BSA Naturalist,   BSA Oceanography,   Camping,   Canoeing,  Environmental  Science, Fish & Wildlife Mgmt,   Geology,   Kayaking,   Leatherwork,   Lifesaving,  Mammals Study, Mile Swim, BSA,  Motor Boating,  Mountain Biking,  Nature, Oceanography  Orienteering   Pioneering,   Pottery,  Rifle Shooting,  Rowing,  Shotgun Shooting,  Soil/Water Cons,  Snorkeling BSA,   Small Boat Sailing,  Swimming,  Water-Sports  Wilderness Survival,   Wood Carving     *List subject to change in 2015

SCUBA Merit Badge and a half-day “Discover Scuba” program are offered for Scouts age 12 and older (BSA policy)

This year’s basic camp will cost each camper $490.00 for the week including Summer Camp program, food and boat transportation from San Pedro Harbor (no bus add on like last year).   SCUBA programs and certain other merit badges are available at an additional cost.

The Troop is required to make scheduled payments prior to Summer camp.  We therefore need to start collecting money from Troop parents.  In order to make this easy on everyone, we have again set up a payment schedule.   Each payment is due as follows:

January 26th  -  $100
February 23rd  -  $100
March 23rd   -  $100
May 4th   -  $100
June 8th  -  $99

Please keep up with the payment schedule.  If you wish to pay the entire balance at once, that is OK too.

Register here   AND   Make payments for this event at our Online Payments page

As always, if your son WILL NOT be attending Summer Camp this year, please register your regrets online.  This will REALLY help with our planning.

We will be providing more details on Summer Camp as we get closer to the event.  If you have any questions about Summer Camp please email Dave Klein at kleinds@gmail.com